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Creating Natural Paths

What is an Ecology Garden?

Ecological gardening is about gardening with nature, not against it. This means using organic gardening techniques, rather than using pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers. Techniques include:

  • Enriching the soil by using natural soil amendments such as compost, manure and mulch.
  • Growing native plants and other hardy species that eliminate the need for chemicals and extensive watering 
  • Companion planting (arranging plants so that they benefit from the properties of the plants adjacent to them.)
  • Growing plants that provide food, shelter and habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife which play a part in maintaining a healthy, natural environment.

The yield from an organic garden is, therefore, natural and healthy.

How does the Ecology Garden benefit the Community?

  • By providing a relaxing natural environment for enjoyment.
  • By illustrating techniques of gardening which do not adversely effect the environment
  • By providing employment for students etc.
  • Beautification of the community
  • By providing workshops and information sessions for school students and for the gardening public.
  • By providing a source of naturally grown plant material for other gardens.

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