The Ecology Gardens are non-profit organizations committed to public education and community spirit, liaising with alternative gardeners, local government, industry, and educational institutions to enable townspeople to contribute in a positive way to their natural environment. The gardens in each town are managed by a small, local board of directors.

Support for the development and maintenance of the gardens has come from:

  • The sale of  plants and produce
  • Corporate donations
  • Individual donors
  • Government funding
  • Land-owning partners

In 2000, the Ecology gardens received a 3 year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. In 2000 and 2001, this enabled the employment of a qualified and experienced Supervising Gardener, who provided leadership and continuity in the ongoing work of the Gardens and related projects, as well as the expansion of new projects.

Selling Plants at the Farmers Market

Gardening and other projects are done by volunteers and student gardeners, who are partially funded by the Federal Summer Student  Placement Program.   

A  Student Gardener

Cobourg Ecology garden efforts have been focused on a private property owned by Legion Village Inc. which is adjacent to the shore of Lake Ontario.
A recent addition just south of the older section is publicly-owned.

Sign at Entrance

Port Hope Heritage Ecology garden efforts are spread over a number of sites in partnership with several public and private land-owners. Development of a new site, "The River Garden", began at the end of the 2002 gardening season. 

Port Hope Heritage
Ecology Garden
1.Introduction 2. Ecological Gardening
3.The Organizations
4. The Cobourg Ecology Garden 
5. The Port Hope Heritage Ecology Garden
6. Other Projects 7. Special Events
8. The Natural Homestead Tour 
9. The 2002 Season in the Gardens 10. More Info