A Pleasant Place to Relax

The aims of the Cobourg Ecology Garden are to demonstrate principles of organic gardening--all natural, chemical-free methods; to provide an opportunity for people to gain new ideas, as well as to share information; and to create an attractive place that all (humans and wildlife included) can enjoy.

The garden was an initiative of the Cobourg Environmental Advisory Committee and was first discussed in 1995. The Legion Village Board was approached and they offered the use of an area adjacent to the beach on a yearly basis. The sod was turned in 1996, and the garden has progressed from there.

Location: The Cobourg Ecology Garden is located not far from downtown Cobourg. It is at the end of Hibernia Street, on the Legion Village property, beside the parking lot.

Ornamental Grasses

Location of Cobourg's Garden

Features of The Garden: The Cobourg Ecology Garden contains demonstrations of different gardening styles. For example, there are:

  • A wildflower garden
  • A bog garden
  • A children's garden
  • A herb garden
  • An ornamental grass garden
  • A rock garden
  • A nut grove
  • Raised beds or "Ability Gardens"
  • A serenity area and wildlife habitat are under development

The garden provides a place to gather ideas, to share information, as well as a place in which to linger and enjoy.

1.Introduction 2. Ecological Gardening
3.The Organizations
4. The Cobourg Ecology Garden 
5. The Port Hope Heritage Ecology Garden
6. Other Projects 7. Special Events
8. The Natural Homestead Tour 
9. The 2002 Season in the Gardens 10. More Info