Tree & Shrub Sale in conjunction with St Marks Church Plant Sale: Saturday, June 1, 2002

Natural Homestead Tour, June 8 & 9, 2002: A tour of 12 different places exemplifying "Ideas for living in harmony with nature". (See next page for highlights)

Plant Sale: Port Hope Farmers Market (Saturday mornings):

Workshops: A variety of workshops were held at the Hope Street Garden. They were as follows:

  • Water Gardening Naturally, (Rowena Burns from Burns Water Gardens, Baltimore)

The Paddling Puppeteers, a show for children & others about Shoreline Restoration,(Glen Caradus & Friends)   
  • Composting & Mulching, demonstrating how to build a composter, (Ross Parlette)

Enjoying the sun &
companionship while weaving with garden materials.

Considering Compost!

  • Weaving with Garden Materials, (Ann Slemming)

  • Making Stepping Stones, (Katie Glover & Lindsay Mensen)

  • How to attract Butterflies to your garden, a slide presentation by Daphne Svenningson & held at the Port Hope Villa. 
  • Gardening for the birds, (Kathryn McHolm) 

A tranquil setting to discuss "gardening for the birds"

Hand made Bird Bath


Earth Day
(April 22 ): At the Cobourg Ecology Garden each year, a ceremony is held at sunrise to dedicate and bless the site, especially new developments. Members of various religious faiths and First Nation groups have officiated.

Natural Homestead Tour: After 2 very successful tours in 2001 & 2002, this is now to be a biennial event.
See Page 8 for pictures, etc., from this fascinating tour.

Earth Day Ceremony

Cobourg Ecology Garden Party: In July each year this event takes place in the Garden. This is a time to socialize in this relaxing atmosphere enhanced with music and refreshments. 

Garden Party Entertainment

Garden Party Picnic
1.Introduction 2. Ecological Gardening
3.The Organizations
4. The Cobourg Ecology Garden 
5. The Port Hope Heritage Ecology Garden
6. Other Projects 7. Special Events
8. The Natural Homestead Tour 
9. The 2002 Season in the Gardens 10. More Info